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  1. IC.com - The Future

  2. History of IC/Einherjar?

    Eh I still don't remember it. I remember working on a flash based member "house" with another guy and telling you we couldn't get it done. That's pretty much the extent of my memory. Current me would've still called the guy out as a douche but if you want him in a game I never even played more power to you. My memory sucks but I'd side with Acheron with what little I remember. The core was SG. Sure it split into other games near the end, but the core was never cohesive among them. When SG died it left EHJ with the few divisions it had and with no organizational leadership. When they died (Acheron looking for work, Rolling giving you the middle finger, etc.) so did EHJ. I'd hope a website improvement wouldn't have that impact and Rollin deciding me banning a bank robber was the cart to jump on was just the first opportunity he decided to take. I miss SG.
  3. History of IC/Einherjar?

    I honestly only vaguely remember this and only after reading your post. I wouldn't mind a refresher from you or Rice especially as I never considered myself a part of the catalyst. You mentioned 2010 but I'm guessing you mean towards the end of our stay in SG, 2007. That would've put me as a senior in high school. Point being I have no clue what you're talking about and I'd like to understand. It's upsetting I can't remember such an apparently damaging event. Thinking back to those days... so long ago. In ten short years I've obtained a wife, step daughter, house, career, degree... and any second we'll get a call that our birth mother is in labor for our hopeful adopted baby girl.
  4. Something hilarious about reCaptcha

    It doesn't just assume it's correct based off a single user's input. Your response is recorded and matched with several other users' responses to the same word before assuming it is valid. Pretty sure they knew people like you exist when designing the system, or quickly found out. http://www.google.com/recaptcha/learnmore
  5. Watches, as in wrist-worn timepieces

    I have two watches I wear regularly. A Seiko that's a little over six years old without any issues (not exact picture but very close): http://images.auctionworks.com/hi/52/51906/SDWB55P1.jpg The other is a Movado that's about 7-8 months old with no issues. Exact picture: http://www.kay.com/images/products/3016/301694802_MV_ZM.jpg I really like the style of the Movado and have received way more compliements on it than the Seiko, but I like the style of it as well even though they're quite different.
  6. End of Nations

    [edit] poop
  7. End of Nations

    Not too fond of the way they're handling the BETA invites either, but I think this is just the beginning. The only way I got mine was I had a browser tab opened to their twitter page and noticed a (1) indicating a new tweet.
  8. So, Anonymous

    Anonymous' logic: government agency takes down website used by millions of people, decides to take down their website that no one cares about or uses.
  9. End of Nations

    Woohoo. Happened upon a 20-use beta code posted on their Twitter account just now.
  10. Glass eye/Prosthetic eye

    Tits, seems like an odd question to ask a gaming forum after 3.5 months of inactivity? LOL
  11. Gaming Computer

    I just checked into WoC the other day. Some tiny game company I never heard of bought the rights to it. It's been shut down and the forums have been closed. I briefly read into it and they are making quite a few changes to "WoC 2.0" including starting fresh, no actual monetary payout from orbs (due to stricter gambling laws), etc... I will probably check it out if it ever comes to fruition.
  12. Books

    I have been reading a lot of political thrillers lately, particularly the Jack Reacher and Scott Harvath series by Lee Child and Brad Thor respectively.
  13. Automotive Self Service

    I hate getting raped by mechanics. I've found they work similar to technology repair services -- take advantage of the average consumer's lack of knowledge in their area of business and thus get away with grossly exuberant prices. Thankfully I'm smart enough to fix my own technology crap. Not so lucky in the mechanics department. I am learning, though. I started off with small engines that I use weekly -- my lawn equipment. I've learned on my riding lawn mower, line trimmer & generator. I haven't grown the balls and/or knowledge to work on my truck or my girlfriend's car though. In fact, I'm about to bend over for the mechanics regarding my girlfriend's car.
  14. End of Nations

    Much relieved knowing you can change unit rollout during the battle. I am really hoping this game will turn out to be a blast. I haven't seriously gamed since EHJ's SG disbandment. It has left a giant void in my life that my recent Xbox attempts haven't been able to fill.
  15. Hurricane Irene

    I lived in south Lakeland at the time (much closer to the Bartow dot than the Lakeland dot). It was not fun.