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  1. Happy Birthday Cres!

    Wasn't Duder Cres's younger brother? I liked him better. Anywho, happy birthday! /pantsoff. tok cok for fark? Go fark spider!
  2. I'm getting all chinese writing; even after translating. Where do I need to go to DL?
  3. Official Movie Discussion Thread

    Lucy was terrible. Even being built on a fa;se premise, the execution could have been so much better. Guardians of the Galaxy was decent. I'm not a big fan of the comic book movies but it was definitely worth the $10.00.
  4. Official Movie Discussion Thread

    Anybody else have any comments on American Hustle? I've been reading that it is better than Wolf.
  5. Official Movie Discussion Thread

    That movie will try to take your precious bodily fluids.
  6. Official Movie Discussion Thread

    The Desolation of Smaug. Smaug, alone, is worth seeing. Far better than the first Hobbit movie. Peter Jackson has definitely moved some things around and added scenes which do not correlate with the book but I thought it still made for a decent movie. All of the changes should match up well for the last film. I hope he keeps going with the entire franchise. It's doubtful that the Tolkien family will sell anymore of the rights to Jackson but it would be pretty cool to get some stories from The Silmarillion and the Unfinished Tales on the big screen.
  7. Official Movie Discussion Thread

    Agreed. The book had an emphasis on battle school. The movie hardly recognized it. Bean was way to nice in the movie. Anyone who has read Ender's Shadow knows the aspects that bean brought to the original novel/movie. I think his character alone, would make for a better movie.
  8. Official Movie Discussion Thread

    I'm pretty excited about Wolf of Wall Street.
  9. TV Show Recommendations

    Futurescape with James Woods is decent. Also, Big History on the History channel.
  10. Defund Obamacare

    So we are at a "screw you" moment in time? Democrats are the ones saying "screw you".
  11. Defund Obamacare

    I agree with everything Disco pointed out (On a fiscal conservative side). The keystone pipeline should have been put into service long ago. Call me crazy. The debt limit needs to stop. ACA is not something the majority of people want. Believe whatever poll you wish to pull out of your NYT, MSNBC ass. Truth is, the people that ACA is targeting are either to stupid to sign up or don't give two shits in the first place. The emergency room will still get the brunt of the medical problems.
  12. Defund Obamacare

    PresBo and Harry Reid would say no.
  13. Defund Obamacare

    Democrats were hoping for a shutdown so they could bash the republicans because it's all their fault.... What's it called when sarcasm is truth?
  14. I'm in two different leagues but I'll go ahead and post my best team first. Matt Ryan - QB Adrian Peterson - RB Montee Ball - RB Julio Jones- WR Steve Smith - WR Vernon Davis - TE (Flex) Ahmad Bradshaw - RB Steelers D/ST Justin Tuck - K I'm in two different leagues but this is my favorite team simply because I have Matt Ryan AND Julio Jones so I will metaphorically be dragging a net every time Atlanta scores. I'm happy with everyone I have except for Steve Smith. He has had his day but Cam would rather run than pass. /share
  15. I'm calling it twice, Walt kills Jesse.