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  1. Darkfall 2.0: Unholy Wars

    I'm excited for it...I will be playing, but I know Tasos will completely fudge it up again.
  2. Darkfall 2.0: Unholy Wars

    I miss exploiting mobs for keys.
  3. SMITE!

    I just prepurchased some gems. I don't mind helping out smaller dev's.
  4. Path of Exiles!!

    A new F2P diablo-esque game that's out. It's currently in beta, but will be launching soon, and will be a free to play game. Had fun playing the open beta this past weekend, and its a lot more fun than d3. Graphics are not as polished as d3, and more reminiscent of d2...But the skillsets and ways you can setup your character is absolutely amazing. I would give it a try if you guys can, as I'm having more fun playing it than d3. I think the open beta is over, but you can pay 5.00 to get into the closed beta, and you get some free stuff as well.
  5. SMITE!

  6. Rage of Bahamut

    That was my referral..I figured out I can download bluestacks which is an android emulator for the pc.
  7. Rage of Bahamut

    Trying to get it to work with my galaxy S, but it says its for android 2.2 and higher...still trying to figure out how to software update this piece of crap without it crashing.
  8. The secret world

    I was watching livestreams of the game...It looks like utter garbage.
  9. Day Z

    Lots of weird/funny people playing this game..worth a read for the luls http://dayzmod.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=20483
  10. Day Z

    Yeah its pretty fun watching people play on livestream. It's really easy to restock up. People seriously get freaked out over the game, because you can't trust anyone. One minute you are helping some random, and they turn around and pop you in the head. People get into extreme survival mode--Pretty damn cool. http://www.twitch.tv/directory/DayZ Watch some livestreams and check it out for yourselves. I might be buying it tonight..Got some extra cash to blow.
  11. Day Z

    Yeah, it would be a blast playing with a group of friends and holding a city hostage.
  12. Day Z

    Yeah, I'm waiting on a steam sale
  13. Day Z

    Nah, its meant to be a fun survival game...Its a mod addon from Arma II. I've been watching streams of it all day, and it looks fun as hell..Scavenge items and weapons...You can build up cars and stuff and cruise around...Would be fun to play with friends.
  14. Day Z

    Can't believe nobody has seen this? I've been watching streams for the past few days, and it looks like so much fun...Zombies, persistant world, player killing, survival, and permanent death.
  15. Day Z

    Anyone else hear of this?? Thoughts?