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  1. Overwatch

    Hey guys, been a long time (3 years?). I was in beta for a weekend a few weeks back. Played a ton of Symmetra. I'll probably be playing at release. I'll try to check back here more often. Was talking to someone about Travian and Global Agenda the other day and decided I should stop by and stalk the forums for a bit.
  2. Firefall open beta weekend

    I streamed on Friday trying to win a mouse. I was using OBS though, not the integrated. I haven't done much pvp yet, still finishing up a couple of frames and stockpiling resources.
  3. Give me your anime suggestions!!

    Lot of titles in this thread I need to check out. I just started watching anime again in December after an 8+ year break. Someone linked me Sword Art and that lead me to start watching again. So far I've caught up / completed in the last two months: Fate/Zero Hunter x Hunter (watching new episodes every Saturday) Sword Art Online BTOOOOM! I also recently started: One Piece (So many episodes...) Accel World Fairy Tail I grabbed a Crunchyroll membership and have been flipping around between that, Netflix, Hulu and a streaming site for Fairy Tail episodes to watch them.
  4. Firefall open beta weekend

    I've been playing this quite a bit. Fun game.
  5. PlanetSide

    I'm in beta. Played it for a couple of days and went back to League of Legends. I'll give it a go some more in the next week or two once they put in some of the changes they are talking about.
  6. Tera

    I'm around 30ish at the moment. I've ran into roaming gank squads a couple of times but mostly it hasn't been an issue. The lower level areas are pretty bad though from what I'm hearing.
  7. Tera

    Toss the link in here Drogith, I'll add to your viewers. Though I'll probably be paying more attention to Tera on my main screen. Edit: They moved early start time to 11am est btw. I'll be on Jagged Coast soon as servers come up.
  8. Tera

    Where do you get the codes?
  9. Tera

    I bought it, playing a priest on Jagged Coast.
  10. Tera

    I moved to Jagged Coast. Enjoying it so far, still debating picking it up but I'm starting to cave. PVP has been fun, definitely playing on a pvp server if I do pick it up.
  11. Tera

    I played on Valley of Titans today, hit 16 pretty quick. Had some outlaws try to disrupt my xp farming, priest is fun in pvp. Edit: Forgot to mention I'm probably going to switch servers. No queues on any server except Valley, it was a 54 minute wait when I logged off.
  12. Diablo 3 pre-order

    Wait, so when pvp does get put in, it will only be in arenas? Fuck this game.
  13. XCOM: Enemy Unknown

    My brother sent me this link today: Good stuff, hope they include an option to turn off the "glam cam" though.
  14. XCOM: Enemy Unknown

    So hard right now.
  15. EHJ Fantasy Football League 2011

    There is a guy in my league with the second highest points for, but he's also first in points against. Every week he's the second highest scoring player but playing against the top scorer. He's about to miss the playoffs despite averaging something like 150 points a game. The person in second place in the league has the lowest points for. Shit makes no sense.