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  1. A trip down memory lane

    Yeah I was hopeful for End of Nations.... sad it ended up being just a cock tease. Glad my toon could make a photo bomb on one of those screen shots!
  2. Dreadnought!!!

  3. Dreadnought!!!

    Interesting.... been poking around in EVE again... Still enjoy space ships
  4. they do seem to hang out in caves a bunch.... but that seems to be more during the slower periods.... remember this is a china game so prime time isnt exactly great for us folks... the highest pop ive seen was about 100 peeps online in each cap and that has been 5AM CST when i'm getting up and ready for work
  5. http://bbs.51rts.com/member.php?mod=register registration http://web.51rts.com:8001/LauncherUpdater.exe Launcher in the launcher on the log in... the large button to the right of login details opens the next page where you'll find screen resolution and windowed mode options.... on that page the button on the lower right corner starts the game
  6. ive found myself in "lastsamurai" reg atm seems to be the english speaking group
  7. bottom right button... it will freeze keck and I both had issues just keep restarting the DL and you'll get there. 85 and I both joined green as well
  8. Diablo 3 - Battletag

  9. Guild Wars 2

    Besides D2 I think Guild Wars is one of the best values ive ever gotten from a game. Im looking forward to this.
  10. Boarderlands 2

    just saw the trailer for it and I loved Boarderlands... this has made my day and I thought id spread the joy.
  11. Any Gun Owners?

    Im personally a Rifle/shotgun guy myself but my girlfriend picked up her CCL and quite frankly ill tell you the same ive been telling her. Springfield XD sub compact 3" in SW.40. A friend of mine picked one up a few months ago and its awesome. ive had my hands on quite a few handguns and imo the XD guns are pretty dam nice. http://www.springfield-armory.com/xd.php?version=62
  12. Diablo 3 pre-order

    while is saddens me a litttle to see blizz once again wanting its cut... like mop said this is something that's been around, just now it might be regulated better and hey if they can make revenue off this to maintain the game win... they've got to make money somehow, and I don't think game sales will run the servers for the next decade. if it's something voluntary instead of a subscription, it's an elegant solution
  13. #'s

    was just a thought I went with that case cause I think there neat.. or course there a shit ton of options for that $ but once again alot left to opinion. I have to admit im not really a computer wiz, and noticed a fail already thought I had 1600 not 1333 in there +10 dollars
  14. Norway bombing

    im not sure but life in jail may be harsher that to just use the death penalty really.... even convicts have some strange sense of morality... thing may still get a bit medieval.