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  1. IC.com - The Future

    Do we have an IC/EHJ discord channel?
  2. Official Movie Discussion Thread

    Terminator Genisys is pretty good, maybe 3.5/5 stars. The first half is excellent, as it scene-by-scene recreates the original Terminator with Jai Courtney as Kyle Reese and they do a great job. Nostalgia boner, fo' real. But the second half is convoluted and not so much confusing as it is not very original and I didn't think it was written very well. It just didn't have that same punch that T1 or T2 had. Good thing is, though, that this movie erased T3 and T:S. I've read that it seemed to have so many holes in the plot (I only saw a couple) and unanswered questions because it was intended to be a trilogy, with the next one coming out in 2017 followed by 2018. The questions and plot holes are supposed to be answered in those movies. That is, of course, if this one actually makes any money, which appears to not be the case.
  3. Official Movie Discussion Thread

    Inside Out is a great movie, for kids and adults alike. We took my foster daughter to see it and I think I enjoyed it more than she did. The physical humor and quirky characters are great for the kids and the high level of scientific accuracy and jokes are great for adults. I personally think it's one of Pixar's best, honestly.
  4. Official Movie Discussion Thread

    So, Jurassic World is quite good. The first ten minutes are terrible, but beyond that, the story moves pretty seamlessly. There are some really great individual scenes (spoilers below) in the movie that make the whole thing worthwhile, I think. Chris Pratt is really fantastic, really making the movie for me. A couple things bothered me:
  5. Official Movie Discussion Thread

    Mad Max is HELLA FUN. Super thin plot, but incredible action all the way through. Highly recommend.
  6. Official Movie Discussion Thread

    Also wanted to warn you guys away from Hot Tub Time Machine 2. A complete and total pile of rotting garbage. There is only one redeemable part of it, which happens in the beginning of the movie, which involves an amazing pair of bewbs.
  7. Official Movie Discussion Thread

    Ex Machina: Truly an excellent movie. I loved every minute of it. It's smart, engaging, and a much better movie about AI than the new Avengers could ever be. I actually saw the new Avengers and then immediately after saw Ex Machina and I enjoyed Ex Machina more. Even if you don't like it as much as I did, you would have to admit that it's a more intelligent movie than mostly everything out there. Honestly, I'd put it up there with Primer, though without the extensive twists.
  8. Randumb Funny Internet Stuff Thread

    Okay, I'll break the silence.
  9. Official Movie Discussion Thread

    John Wick: 4/5 It was better than I expected it to be. Keanu has a pretty limited range and I thought this movie was a good fit for him. Lots of well-choreographed action. One thing that stood out was the background mythology, of sorts. There were many pre-existing relationships and a hearty background to the environment and how those characters related to that environment. Honestly, I wanted to know more about that, which I think is a sign of good writing. Overall, good popcorn movie. Interstellar. Okay, I wanted to like this movie so, so badly. The first half to 3/4 is fantastic. Interesting and mysterious premise, humorous, good writing, great acting. But the last 25% of the movie was predictable and simply spoiled the rest of the movie for me. I'll give it a 3.5/5 because the first part of the movie is so good and the eye candy is amazing. I don't have an IMAX in my town, at least for a few weeks, so I bet it's awesome on that large a screen. Yes, I'm actually saying that I enjoyed John Wick better than Interstellar. Before I left the house this morning, I would have called you a liar if you said I would be saying that tonight.
  10. Bowe Bergdahl, anyone want to talk about this?

    Good thing we cut and run from Iraq before they were even close to being ready to defend themselves! Afghanistan is next, but first we need to pull out of there before their military is fully trained, too! In all seriousness, though, this isn't the problem of a single administration. It's too easy for one side to blame Bush, Kerry, and Clinton's deception and votes to go to war or Cheney/Rumsfeld's "war on the cheap" for getting us into it or for another side to blame the Obama administration for being so shortsighted about wanting us to get out of Iraq at any cost. Part of the problem lies directly at the feet of the Iraqi army, as they have proven to be cowardly, riddled with insider threats. In the end, it might be the northern Kurds that resolve this whole situation. They have the manpower (quarter million), the motivation (avoid genocide), the equipment, the solidarity, and the training.
  11. Bowe Bergdahl, anyone want to talk about this?

    I would imagine they will be sent back to Afghanistan once we leave. OEF will be over, so it makes sense to give them back. Although, knowing what I know about the TB and many of the dudes locked up in GTMO, a fight to the death would be a better death than they deserve. Not sure what to do with those that weren't captured in AFG. Give them to a regional ally, maybe? They'll be brutally tortured and likely killed without any semblance of justice, but, hey, at least we won't be forced to house them, right?
  12. Official Movie Discussion Thread

    Yeah, it wasn't fantastic, I didn't think. But definitely worth the $7.50. I think Quicksilver stole the movie for me. Robocop was really good, I thought. I like Joel Kinnaman (from The Killing) and I thought the philosophical discussions about human free will were pretty neat to be included in the movie. The nods to the first movie were appropriate, e.g. "Buy that for a dollar," "Dead or alive...," how he holds the guy's arm down the same way Murphy's arm was held down in the original. It didn't have the same flavor or humor that the first one had, but the actors involved did a great job, IMO. Edge of Tomorrow is excellent, probably the best movie I've seen all year and definitely the best sci-fi movie I've seen all year. I'm a huge Tom Cruise fan and he did his usual top-notch performance here. Emily Blunt and Bill Paxton both have great roles, Paxton's especially. Highly recommend, and it makes me want to grab the book.
  13. Bowe Bergdahl, anyone want to talk about this?

    Desertion is not the same as skipping out on some boring college class and treason is not at all similar to simple gossip between two girls on the playground. Even if there wasn't the silly matter of a legal contract every service member signs and swears to, there is a very serious moral breach involved. Not that you care, it seems, but if you're going to trivialize a serious matter, you should at least understand the seriousness of that matter. Your Wikipedia(?!) link has little to do with the discussion at hand. Also, I can't tell if you are intentionally misinterpreting/misrepresenting what "negotiation" means in the context of this discussion or if you really don't know the difference between "negotiating with terrorists" and "supplying arms and aid" to varying groups, terrorist or not.
  14. Bowe Bergdahl, anyone want to talk about this?

    We did until a couple of days ago. And now that we've done it once, we'll be doing a lot more.