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  1. Albion Online

    Beta is starting next week I believe; have you still been playing it Raith?
  2. New gaming computer

    Fair enough... Idea is to split the SSD in two partition. One for the OS and basic applications (30gb) and the rest for recent games which could benefit from the faster speeds. The 1TB drive would have older games, or non competitive games should space run low on the gaming partition of the SSD. And is Windows 10 worth it, or is it best to stick to 7 for now?
  3. New gaming computer

    Hopefully another 6 years would be good... most builds I saw suggested 2x 4gb for ram but I figured I could chip in 50$ more and get twice the RAM right away. Other than that, it seems to be a fairly popular type of build. I may end up buying a few extra fans at a local store if I see the need to it. The only thing I'm hesitating is the case. I have an old Cooler Master and love the case but with the amount of choices out there it feels like they could all be good... or disappointing.
  4. New gaming computer

    So it's that time again... over 6 years after I built my last PC it is that time again. http://ca.pcpartpicker.com/p/ZkTzTW PS: I also have my own 1TB Harddrive from a few years ago, not included in the template since it seems a bit irrelevant.
  5. Been spending far too much time with tribal wars 2... >.<
  6. Best upgrade option

    So how good is the machine?
  7. I have been inactive for over 60 days... keltar AT msn.com
  8. Best upgrade option

    Time to upgrade? Isn't the 4870 a bit dated?
  9. The Point of Contention Thread

    You're jealous you didn't come up with it first!
  10. Best upgrade option

    Thanks Deity, I'll look up that article!
  11. Best upgrade option

    Rezzing this thread, because well we are two years later and it seems like an upgrade is going to be needed to survive games like Watch Dogs and LoTR's RPG. The one change is that I do have a 128gb SSD that runs Windows 7 64 bit. I was thinking of doing a motherboard/processor/RAM upgrade, since my graphic card isn't too bad. Has AMD taken back the market, or is it still mostly an Intel world? I'm looking to spend around 400$. Keep in mind I have two computers to upgrade (Wife's and mine) so that's 800$ total budget. I could push it to 1000$ if it is worth the investment.
  12. Albion Online

    Unless your computer is 10 years old... and even then it might do just fine.
  13. Archeage

    I suppose I should have tried it longer then 5 levels... it certainly has that WoW MMO feel that so many games has with questing but on the other hand what else can be done if that's the successful way.
  14. Archeage

    Well if its F2P... might as well give it a try. I'll look it up tomorrow.
  15. EHJ DYNASTY Fantasy Football League

    QQ I got kicked out!