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  1. History of IC/Einherjar?

    I'm in central jersey, near Princeton. Yep its a biomed hub. Johnson & Johnson, Merck, Bristol-Meyers, Novo Nordisk, etc. This area of jersey has the most scientists per square mile in the world.
  2. History of IC/Einherjar?

    Sorry for derailing the thread from history of IC into "where are they now?" --Actually not sorry. This was heading into a blame game cluster fuck. Enjoy life you old fucks. If you want to reminisce-- focus on the fun we had dominating SG or EVE, etc. EHJ had quite a few science nerds. I actually remember a topic we had for a while that discussed biologics. There was a "debate" on vaccines. These days I wouldn't even participate in a discussion that misinformed---not worth my time. Glad to hear about all of the PhDs. Where are you guys located? I recently moved to NJ because its a biomedical hub, but man this place sucks ass.
  3. History of IC/Einherjar?

    I think we all just got older. There was not much of a core after SG died down. For a while, the general forums grasped the attention of a few people from various divisions, but that eventually faded as peoples lives became focused elsewhere. Shortly after SG, I went to college. Graduate school, earned a PhD. I'm now a scientist leading the immunology division for a cancer biotech company. I still come here to check the forums here and now, but it's been quite barren for the past few years. FYI, my largest contribution is the "who's hot" thread, which did quite well on the old forums with all of the teenage angst. It's good to see a lot of familiar names.
  4. Desiny PS4

    You guys playing this? I haven't seen either of you on. I have a 31 warlock now, and leveling up a hunter. I'm down to do nightfall, raids, whatever. It gets lonely playing solo all the time.
  5. Desiny PS4

    I usually log on weeknights from 9pm-12pm. Weekends I can usually play during the day at some point.
  6. Desiny PS4

    Anyone still playing? I've had destiny for a while just never touched it because I was playing other games. I just started playing it a week ago. I have a level 27 warlock. I would really like some people to play with. I haven't purchased the expac yet because I don't have many people to play with, but I can buy it whenever. PSN: brandog712 I'll add you guys in this thread. I also have COD AW, D3, NBA 2k15, Madden 15,
  7. EHJ DYNASTY Fantasy Football League

    I can't easily find the keeper rules so I'l just ask here. How many keepers do I need to set? Is there a benefit to setting less than my entire roster? For example, do I have to pay for each keeper? More based on previous years stats etc?
  8. WWIII

    There were a lot of HIV researchers on that flight on their way to a conference. Truly sad. I go to these international research conferences all the time. I think, I don't want to go to this conference in Iran, but I never consider what I'm flying over It's a sad day for all, but this is hitting the scientific community pretty hard right now. My colleagues knew a lot of the people on that flight.
  9. Official Movie Discussion Thread

    I hated the first 30 min of american hustle. Bored the living shit out of me, but I've been really spaced out and ancy lately. I think wolf is the better movie from beginning to end, but the last half of american hustle was really good. Both movies have incredibly acting. Both movies are about scumbags, but you will leave wolf hating every single character in the movie. You will leave american hustle liking at least one character.
  10. Official Movie Discussion Thread

    they were all pretty weak. Although I assume a myisogynist like jordan belfort would probably surround himself with weak money hungry women he could control. They completely gloss over his first wife, because she was probably the strongest and didn't cater to him like the others.
  11. Official Movie Discussion Thread

    Its all perspective my friend. This movie is based on the memoir written by jordan belfort. That is how he views women, it is his story. I don't think anyone left the movie thinking, wow this jordan guy is someone to admire --- i should act like that if I want to get rich. The guy doesn't even make a decent living selling his motivational crap now, and hes hiding money from the feds still. I found the movie a bit long, but it was pretty captivating the whole time. Dicaprio is something special. He is my generations top actor without a doubt (if hes even my generation i dont know). I felt uneasy pretty much the whole time watching the movie, but I think that was the point.
  12. Official Movie Discussion Thread

    Sorry I didnt mean anyone here, it was too the mass internet trolls that are complaining and to preempt the question.
  13. Official Movie Discussion Thread

    Gravity was great! I really liked the movie. Fuck physics, it's a movie. If you didn't complain about Jurassic Park, then you shouldn't complain about Gravity.
  14. EHJ Fantasy Football League 2013

    Rivers, that's who I'm starting over newton.
  15. Plane on a treadmill, by XKCD

    He's hinting at the side question that few people are smart enough to ask: Can a seaplane take off in an infinity pool? There's so many factors it's so hard to answer. Who's infinity pool is this? Tom Cruises? His name has cruise in it--- are we on a cruise ship now? Who's the pilot? the bear from Tailspin? In what dimension do we have to be in for cartoon airplanes to fly in real world cruise ships? 5th dimension maybe? See too hard...