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  1. Forum upgraded

    Whatcho mean YOU people????????????
  2. SimCity

    EA is so amazingly stupid. The store for their version of steam, origin, sets the language and settings by IP and is NOT CHANGEABLE. Because of this, not only can I not read anything at all on the stupid page without translating it, but I also can't use my American credit cards because the United States isn't listed for me. How does a company so big fail so badly. I might be able to get around this somehow by using a proxy, but honestly I can't be asked to work that hard to give a shitty company my money.
  3. Our tax system in a nutshell

    I understand your point from a strictly economic incentive viewpoint. I'd love for there to not be a disincentive for monetary success. However, society chooses the lesser evil because in the end it is still the most beneficial for everyone. As others have pointed out, if the people at the bottom weren't getting help, they would be "surviving" in whatever way they can. ****Apologies in advance for bringing up terrible atrocities as examples. What do you think happens when a large portion of the population is desperately trying to survive and no one is willing to help? They do whatever they can to force change and help themselves. Ignoring the fun and unrealistic examples from new TV shows like revolution and the walking dead, think about what has happened in the past 100 years. Germany Post WW1(I know cliche example): A broken poverty stricken country desperate for change??? >>>> acceptance of extremist ideology and hello Nazi atrocities. If people were not at such a breaking point and so desperate, do you really think they would be open to such a extremist regime? I have an easier time believing that the population of Germany at the time wasn't just an entire generation of psychopaths, but rather a country of broken, desperate people who lost their sense of rationalism until it was too late. Cambodia post Vietnam War era: Again, a heavily bombed poverty stricken country(thanks to you know who *cough *cough) with a large portion of the country starving and escaping disease???? >>>> The Khmer Rouge ~2 million people die in a communist revolution where (mostly)farmers go into the cities to offer two choices to anyone with any wealth, training, or remote education: 1. Be forcibly moved to the countryside to become farmers. 2. Be tortured and murdered (many were not even offered option 1) I'm sure there are plenty of other examples and I only bring up these because of my experience as a teacher in Thailand. The kids have American textbooks that go into pretty decent detail about the holocaust, but have absolutely no mention of the genocide that occurred in the country next door to them less than 40 years ago. My Thai fifth graders, who don't even speak English as a first language, could easily understand why it's preferable to preserve the quality of life of those least fortunate in a society rather than worrying about being "fair" to those who have so much that they wouldn't hardly notice a difference in their life anyway. I feel massively trolled for actually posting a response
  4. 2012 Election

    I was born and lived in Dallas, Texas(and suburbs) the first 24 years of my life. The vast majority of the people I know that grew up near a big city with educated families think the same about Perry, and unlike me they are diehard Republicans. I feel like that goof is only liked in the "country folk" parts. I blame places like Lubbock, Midland, Fort Worth etc.
  5. Response pictures/videos

    stole this from someone on my facebook feed K-State Vs Baylor
  6. 2012 Election

    Rick Perry's dogs(if he has any) are smarter than Rick Perry.
  7. Darkfall 2.0: Unholy Wars

    Launch delayed 3 weeks...lol You and the others still planning to play this Raith? Haven't talked to you since they announced the "role" system.
  8. Our tax system in a nutshell

    Damn why didn't they teach me this when I got my accounting degree. Everything makes so much sense now!
  9. 2012 Election

    Honestly, in this day and age, supporting abortion and gay marriage is 100% moderate. It's only the religious and extremely socially conservative that oppose either. On top of that, it's amazing that our country has people who want to shut down places like planned parenthood. Do you guys have any fucking idea how CHEAP birth control is everywhere else in the world? My gf gets the exact same name brand birth control medication in Thailand for 10 bucks WITHOUT having to spend $100+ for a retarded doctors visit to get an unnecessary prescription. Even planned parenthood itself cost her I believe 70$ for the nurses visit and then the medication about $70+ also.
  10. Official Movie Discussion Thread

    my gf said skyfall sucked too Generic bond shit with nothing making it special
  11. 2012 Election

    Why does 46% turnout matter...have you seen the turnout for pretty much every election in the U.S.?
  12. 2012 Election

    I'm from Dallas, Texas and know my fair share of people that would be considered the "republican base." Although I personally don't identify with each party pretty much at all, those I know that pretty much are always going to be republican thought Romney was a VAST improvement over McCain. To me McCain supported some of the worst possible policies of the Republican party and Democratic parties. GWB and McCain were not Conservatives in the slightest and people realized that.
  13. 2012 Election

    Oh look you just proved yourself wrong for me without me having to post. Him being grandfathered makes it legal. There are plenty of laws where people are LEGALLY EXEMPTED because they are grandfathered. Nothing illegal here, more propaganda bullshit.
  14. 2012 Election

    This is yet another article by some douche who doesn't know what he's talking about. For the record, I think both our candidates are donkey shit and won't be voting for either of the two parties' nominees(again). You can't use the term "legal tax evasion." Tax evasion is a specific ILLEGAL thing. Throwing the word legal in front of it doesn't change that and just manipulates the story. In fact I'm sure this writer knows that because in the next line he even calls it the proper thing. I should correct my opening statement to yet another douche "reporter" trying to manipulate a situation for political reasons. Anyone who has ever put money in a 401k through work etc. then you are as guilty as Romney for taking advantage of our tax system. Hell, if you've ever claimed a tax exemption for ANYTHING, you are as guilty as Romney is. If people are smart enough to organize their affairs LEGALLY, then no one has the right to bitch at them for being smarter than they are. Dun be jelly mmmk? If you want to bitch at someone, bitch at the people who wrote the rules that way.