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  1. WoW:Classic

    I was waffling on rolling on a PVE server, so this will push me over the edge. Now to decide if I want to roll a Troll or Undead Priest 🤔
  2. Banner Making

    Its for this blog. I have no clue what would look good, but either a banner to go across under the main title, or a picture to go where the labels cluster.
  3. Banner Making

    I remember back in the day you guys making some sweet ass banners and what not. Could someone make a banner (for the top of a webpage) with this picture: Its for a blog called "Dog Named Segue" if you could throw that in there somehow. Thanks!
  4. Access to WoW forum

  5. Access to WoW forum

    Hey, it's Deox/Extractum/James how ever you remember me from WoW. Apparently my old login doesn't work anymore... so I made this one... now I need access to the WoW forums again. How can I go about doing this. Also, is it possible to get my old account reactivated? I liked my old post count and stuff. Thanks! -James/Rolande/Extractum