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  1. Hello...hello.......hello...ello

    I was going to see if anyone was interested in playing a Minecraft server that pays money each week if you have the highest value island. Minesaga.org Next server to start pays 250.00 in paypal and 200 in store items for 1st place and they pay less for the rest of the top 10 finishers each week. Probably a long shot but for anyone who wants to give it a go, I play on the Western realm currently as DarienChade.
  2. Hello...hello.......hello...ello

    Man, ghost town in here. Anyone still out there?
  3. How Transformers: ROTF should have ended.

    I actually enjoyed the Twilight one.
  4. How Transformers should have ended.
  5. Shakes and Fidget

    Was on Vac for the 4th with only a dial-up con. Not conducive to any type of gameplay. Back at it now.
  6. Shakes and Fidget

    You will get the best raises from gear. Keep on the lookout for good ones in the shops and don't be fooled by the one with mushroom costs. I have most of mine from random shop items that were very high in stats and only cost gold or at the very least 1 mush.
  7. Shakes and Fidget

    The exp we win during a fight is given to those who participate for your personal leveling. The guild gets leveled only in the 3 ways listed in the guild screen and those by gold and mushrooms. Mushrooms are used to level after we hit level 25 in one of those 3 areas.
  8. Shakes and Fidget

    Guild fight is up. Click sword to join in guild area.
  9. Shakes and Fidget

    Correct Shiv. Once a war is declared a timer starts for a few hours where anyone in the guild who wants to participate can do so.
  10. Shakes and Fidget

    Next guild attack is up. Log in and hit the sword to help us fight!
  11. Shakes and Fidget

    You will want to be sure you don't advance further in levels than you have appropriate gear for. You may end up going on a quest and not have the gear to finish it if you don't balance those out. I would have a go at the dungeons even if I'm not real close in levels. You may just get lucky and defeat one earlier than expected. As for arena banks, you will end up getting way more gold out of quests now that we are advancing the guild bonuses so much, so fight for the honor points but don't spend too much time away from quests doing so. Fight when your bar is out.
  12. Shakes and Fidget

    First battle up and coming. Log on and check guild to participate.
  13. Shakes and Fidget

    Bout time we started fighting other guilds I think. We are generating a good cash flow. Lets get us some honor going.
  14. Eye Floaters

    I have one that is just to the left off center in my left eye. When I first got it I thought it was a very small gnat flying around. I would try and focus on it to kill it and it would fly away lol. It get worse for me if I am up for long periods of time without sleep or when reading a paperback/hardback book. Its one of the reasons I use an ipod for books now.
  15. Account for use

    My new work schedule begins today. This means I will be dropping this game very soon. Anyone who doesn't have an account is more than welcome to it otherwise I suggest you all break treaties with me if you have them and begin consuming my land. Or I could vacate, whichever works for those involved.