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  1. Android or Iphone4

    Ok since I am obviously failing in catching Deity's interest, lets try some questions. And ok I have over-trolled the dropping discussion, will stop that. If I am going to get me a smartphone I am planning on doing a few things, not necessarily in order of importance, but trying to see how good these would work on either phone: 1. Getting things done software. 2. Browsing (does Android have Flash and if yes, are you using it while browsing?) 3. RSS-feed reading. 4. Podcast listening (I want over the air downloads and storing them in a decent Archive where I can listen them even when off air) 5. Syncing of files onto the device (PDFs especially and text files), and being able to read PDFs I am taking videos and music as kind of a given. Also I actually like the idea of getting updates for the phone system and software updates to me. How does updating work on Androids? Also is a Windows phone an option yet or are they too new to judge them yet? How good are the displays on the Androids? Have only seen the retina display briefly and it seemed a lot better that other PDA/Ipod displays I have seen so far.
  2. Android or Iphone4

    Yes, apparently there is much more to it (as i can see from this thread), like dropping it on the floor is. But what is so lovable about all android phones that the actual handling/things you can do on IT vs Other smartphones does not need to be discussed anymore? Correct me if i am wrong, but I have not found an argument in here that would at least hint as to what features inside on an android phone (yes i actually plan on using it and do not want to drop it much) there are that would convince me to buy one. What can it do better. Oh and same goes for Iphones, are there arguments why ppl think that it may actually be better than an Android phones? (if i do not drop it on the floor, where it seems to perform inferior)
  3. Android or Iphone4

    Ah....looks like I found Einherjars' Android-Fanboy-Division Honestly, what are the advantages of the Android OS vs iOS? Its hard to extract a decent pro/con argument from this thread. Seems its all about how ppl like their androids, cause they can drop them on the floor Disclaimer: No, I do not own or have owned an Iphone....in fact I have never owned a smartphone.
  4. IPhone/IPod Game Center

    Where did you find flash on IOs devices?
  5. IPhone/IPod Game Center

    I am trying to find out what everyone is playing on their Iphone/Ipod touch. Looking for challenges and new ideas on what to get. So if you want to add me look for "Kzirn" in the Game Center or post her plx
  6. Quadricopter Augmented Reality Game

    I just realized that this would probably be more fitting in the games discussion or the Geekland....could someone with admin rights please move it there? Thanks
  7. Since I remember that there has been a previous discussion about quadricopter, I think there was one which was gps guided lets discuss this, too: Augmented Reality Game on a IPhone/IPad/IPod controlled quadricopter. Unless I missed a previous discussion about this in the forum search. Anyone know any other augmented reality games on this or any other platform?
  8. Why PC is better than MAC

    Am I missing a point here or is the common discussion in this topic centered around "Why a PC is cheaper than a Mac and thats better?" Where are the arguments as to in which non-financial aspects a PC is better than a Mac. And please do not make this another "there is not as much software and you cannot use all the hardware that is out there" discussion. I would like to see some refreshing new arguments that can convinvce ppl.
  9. Music (Muzaks)