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  1. IC.com - The Future

    Sadness, although discord has sorta taken the place.
  2. WoW:Classic

    I really need to look at these forums more often sigh. Jay come play with me...
  3. WoW:Classic

    So talked with Rahlar, apparently we are rolling horde on the Pagel server..... Still bitter at having to run a horde character.... sigh... You can log in now and reserve your character name if you have an active account.
  4. Weekend SG

    I'm pretty sure it's free payer status forever now. They also got rid of aliens and opened up pledging now.
  5. A trip down memory lane

    Damnit Blake, Fix those images!
  6. Weekend SG

    I logged on quick this weekend, Pac is deserted
  7. History of IC/Einherjar?

    Well more people than me apparently still check this forum! Apparently I only check when I'm transferring my bookmarks to a new computer. Hi people.
  8. The Point of Contention Thread

    I have ball hockey from 7-8. I'll be on as soon as I get home.
  9. Diablo 3 - Battletag

    Wolfbite#1711 yay baby~
  10. Hi!

    Wow... Where have you been lol.
  11. Baseball Season

    4-1 Jays woot woot It will be fun while it lasts.
  12. Baseball Season

    Blue Jays baby! 2-0 just crushing Minnesota in both games. Look for them to suprise if their starters stay healthy
  13. TV Show Recommendations

    At least they finished off the season. I thought it was just done after that last break. Gave me one last nice suprise.
  14. 2010 Summer Hockey Finale

    Anyone who doesn't really know how to skate should try ball hockey. Amazing sport and a hell of a workout. I play usually 1-2 games a week and keeps you in great shape.
  15. TV Show Recommendations

    Off the map is just silly. Started watching it but there is no hook. Walking Dead - For sure pick up, Zombie TV show with some actual care put into production. West Wing - Greatest written show ever to grace TV. Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, Sportsnight - If you enjoyed West Wing, although those two did not last long. Sliders Stargate SG1 - want something to keep you occupied? 10 seasons of fun. Alias - Once you get into it, it really starts to get layered and confusing.