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  1. EHJ Fantasy Football League 2013

    I'm not sure, but I thought I was in this league... Was i? What's the sight? Is there room if i wasn't?
  2. NBA Season 13-14 Thread

    You're riding a wave? My Twolves have beat the lakers, OKC, NY, and Dallas. I can't be more pumped. But to be fair, the heat and the bulls need some time to get moving again. D Rose hasn't played for a year and Lebron needs time to realize he relax.
  3. NBA Season 13-14 Thread

    I just can't see the Pacers finishing ahead of Miami, Chicago, or Brooklyn. I would say 4th, to me, is about the spot I see the Pacer's occupying.
  4. Plane on a treadmill, by XKCD

    Did you even bother reading the XKCD blog that explains this? It's a badly worded question that opens the interpretation from XKCD. You fall under the "I don't quite understand what the issue is because I didn't interpret the question in all the possible permutations." I don't even want to start this again, fucking stupid to talk about it. Again, just read the fucking XKCD blog, it shows the positions and why each are valid. Thinking only one is valid is basically not allowing yourself to step back and critically analyze what the underlying problem truly was.
  5. Defund Obamacare

    First of all, 2 points. 1) They made concessions to the *moderate democrats* not the Republicans. That's why not all Democrats voted for the bill! They had to get support from *their own constituency*. It wasn't a bipartisan bill, it was a democratic bill with democratic concessions. 2) You've got me wrong, but because of ignorance rather than interpretation. I've stated what I think needs to be done countless times, so please, don't play that "Say something is wrong but do nothing" card. I want to introduce competition, transparency, and if needed, price constraints (like Japan). I'm not going going to write a full healthcare bill in order to "be allowed to say something is shit". I think that's an entire level of stupidity further than I'm willing to go. ACA isn't fixing anything. And Disco, you should know by now that US isn't a democracy, it's a representative republic with checks and balances. This is a check and balance. Live with it. If you don't like the fact that the house can stop spending bills at their leisure, how about you repeal the format of congress? See, two can play that stupid game ;-)
  6. Plane on a treadmill, by XKCD

    Careful, it impacts the planes speed at a rate equal to frictional resistance. It's in the equation ;-) It his a very minor impact on the forward speed since there is no such thing as a friction free axle, in terms of planes.
  7. Plane on a treadmill, by XKCD

    That's the 3rd position's viewpoint. If it exerts equal force, via the wheels, then yes, it can't take off. It's a bit of stretch for physics, but it's an ambiguously worded question, and that's why you get into the stupidity. A treadmill rotates at 50 mph. A plane needs to reach 50 mph to take off. A plane on a standard runway can reach a speed of 55 miles per hour. Can the plan take off? Yes.
  8. Defund Obamacare

    Sorry, but you are completely being dishonest about "consulted the Republicans". Not a *single house Republican voted for ACA*. If you were to reword it to "Consulted, ignored, and passed without" then you would be right. Not even all of the dems voted for it in the House. http://www.opencongress.org/bill/111-h3590/actions_votes Don't be a shill? Fuck off. The house didn't "Change their minds" the people in the house never "changed their minds" it simply was a case of the Democrats that shoved it down congress's throats was no longer there. What happened? That super majority disappeared. And really? You want to talk about senators lost/gained in 2012? There was a swing of 2. Look at 2010, that was what we're talking about, the response was completely opposite, they hated what happened in 2008. EDIT: To be clear "They" is the voters. That's why the tea party got so many seats, because people didn't want to keep funding runaway spending bills. It's really not correct to think of the "house" as a single entity and suggest that the "house" changed it's mind. The Republicans were never, ever, ever for the ACA in the form it was written. There was zero support as it is/was/will be a terrible bill. Look, Healthcare needs to be fixed. It's fucking 100% broken, but ACA doesn't fix it, it only makes spending on health care worse.
  9. Defund Obamacare

    I can do that to. Yes, yes, and yes. If you want to play the "It was passed by the legislature, you can't change your mind" card, then I don't know what the fuck you think government actually is. If you pass a bill that immediately is so controversial only one of the parties want it in *any* form, and the only way you pass it is via a super majority, don't be surprised when you lose even a standard *majority* that the same side would be opposed to it later. If the Dems wanted to pass healthcare *reform* they should have included the Republicans in some form. They did not, the public spoke and elected more Republicans. Like it, dislike it, the situation is quite clear though.
  10. Defund Obamacare

    Isn't it more like a completely different set of players are continuing a previous game, a new game starts, and half the kids don't like the fact that the first set of kids spent all the ice cream money on suckers?
  11. Plane on a treadmill, by XKCD

    The issue was, no one on this board was arguing that planes were powered by wheels, it was just difficult to textualize both sides. XKCD basically summed up the entire thread.
  12. We had a stupid argument long ago and there was no quality to it. XKCD has gone and made a blog that succinctly describes all positions, figured it was interesting. (Yes, this was ages ago and so was the blog post) http://blog.xkcd.com/2008/09/09/the-goddamn-airplane-on-the-goddamn-treadmill/
  13. Defund Obamacare

    This pretty much sums it up for me. ACA was passed by a Super Majority Democratic house/cong/pres yet they had to settle for this slush fund for insurance companies. Nothing in ACA will fix the US's runaway healthcare costs. I saw a statistic the other day that the US spends more on health care in the form of taxes than any other country. Crazy, since it's not a UHC system.
  14. The Point of Contention Thread

    the way albs and sapps worked in the past may not translate well to SC depending on how much they clutter the map and how much lag it adds. Plus with just 7 people, we may find albs are completely worthless because we have no "mining" time. At least on our current map.
  15. Way to go Fox News

    4chan has lost it's luster ages ago. It was pretty big, 3+ years ago, but now? It's almost history.