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  1. Ghost Recon Online

    Got a bunch of coupon codes off a twitch.tv stream I was watching, gives a bunch of nades and RP and some inserts. Each one can be redeemed once per account, not sure how long they are going to stay active. B3N0-1RGN-QCD0-0XA8 1k rp 5 nades B4N0-1451-4L2B-A7ZK 1k rp 20 nades 4 inserts B13N-01N2-K1IZ-974W 500 RP B4N0-1ZEU-N7XG-K4H1 1k rp 20 nades 4 inserts B3N0-1A2L-NI86-8QI2 1k rp 5 nades B3N0-1532-N2NC-9LWW 1k rp 5 nades B4N0-1GER-1DNB-IAV9 1k rp 20 nades 4 inserts B4N0-1KSW-S3ET-AE9Q 1k rp 20 nades 4 inserts
  2. Ghost Recon Online

    Sorry, just didn't seem like it from how you were describing it. Dying to heat damage isn't from a lack of armor plates, it's from sticking your face in it or getting caught too far from cover. Or, if you mean when the guy walks up and sticks it in your grill, well, just melee him. He can't shoot while he's doing his "I AM SUPPRESSING THIS AREA SO BE SUPPRESSED", so he's just as vulnerable as you are, the only difference is, you can melee while he can't. I understand the complaint about the abilities, though. They seem out of place almost, but they serve a good role in the game. Each one is to help your team push forward in some way, either by providing intel through pinging the area or forcing a hallway sniper to take cover instead of shooting. Without them, it would turn into a five minute wait for the first team to take a single point, instead of the teams deciding to push and try to get the next area capped thanks to a few seconds of "distraction" to break through a dug in sniper's nest.
  3. Ghost Recon Online

    Cover plays a huge role in this, and choosing to move around outside of it has serious disadvantages to it over crawling behind a low wall or creeping through a subway car. When you pop out from cover to fire, or move to a new place and take cover, your weapon comes up much, much faster. There's not much in the way of Run-N-Gun that can be done, its more of a slow push hopping from cover to cover and securing an area before moving forward. Any time you are 'in cover', you get between 30% and 60% increase to your weapon ready speed, accuracy, and weapon control. As far as the abilities go, each is easily defeated or at least minimized once you know how they work. Assault abilities - -Heat won't damage you if you're "in cover", not just behind a wall, but getting the buffs and such. Its for locking down a hallway to help facilitate a push forward or for stopping a pesky sniper while you move up close to try and get a decent shot at him. If you don't pop your face out, you won't take damage. It only works in a cone in front of the user, so if you stay spread out, having a flank on the guy using it will let you take him down while he's locking your friend to one place with it. -Shield charge, just aim for the legs and melee him when he gets in close and tries to knock you on your ass. The shield guy is incredibly vulnerable when trying to knock people over, so again being spread out some is really beneficial. Recon abilities - -Oracle provides good intel on enemies without having to see them, and you can tell when it hits you cause it will ping and you'll get a red outline over you. That means, well, they know you're there and you need to move and find some new cover. Also, be ready for a push, cause now the assault guys know where to charge. As always, good cover and staying spread out to protect from flanking attacks will beat out any rushes. -Stealth cloak is kind of annoying, but it only lasts a short time, and you can make out the recon if he moves, kind of like in Predator with the visual distortions. If he can't get behind two or three people, he's probably just going to take one person and run back to cover. So again, staying spread out and behind solid cover is important. Specialist abilities - -Shield bubble is pretty straight forward, and very easily beaten in two ways: grenades, and getting into the bubble to shoot them. Otherwise, just stay behind cover and take note of where the group of people end up so you can take them down after the shield drops. -Electronic discharge is annoying, and about the only one that can't be hard countered with a specific tactic. It only lasts a few seconds, and you can still shoot, you just don't get the targeting info until it wears off. Plus, it's super short range, so if you get hit with it, it means there's a push of some kind about to happen, be ready to fire.
  4. Ghost Recon Online

    So, this is a thing. I hadn't heard of it until recently when I saw it on a video on Youtube. Basic run down - free to play, third person shooter, cover based, with an emphasis on small group capture and hold scenarios. It's in beta right now, so the balance is a little off for some stuff at higher levels, but not so much that you can't win if the enemy team is made up of only the broken stuff. There's meager clan support, mostly just a separate chat channel and tags on the names. It makes it easier to get a group of people together, too. , it gives a good feel for the game without much investment. Watch it before you download, it's really accurate for the lower level stuff along with options and what the 'pay for' stuff entails. You'll know what you're getting into initially, and if it's something you would like to play. If you decide to play and want into a clan, I've got one started up already, just post your user name and I'll send an invite. Just check your ingame mail and bam, done.
  5. Why Mass Effect (et al) are Ruining Games

    I think Penny Arcade's comic sums it up nicely. People love seeing a golden box appear on the screen with "CONGRATS YOU WON" or a bar filled up and then change into the next level of that bar, so that's what everyone puts into games now. I won't say I don't (because I do) feel a sense of satisfaction at seeing something pop up that says I just got some random achievement for doing shit, but I don't specifically seek them out unless there's a tangible benefit that I'll have for the remainder of the time I play.
  6. Minecraft

    There's creatures that can ruin your day by A) shooting arrows at you, eating your brain, or C) sneaking up and exploding in your face. So there's definitely a survival aspect to the game, but once you get your initial cabin setup or whatever, you can make it so you never really have to deal with them again. A lot of the appeal of the game comes from the fact that you can build whatever you want, so long as you can find the materials you need for it. I mean anything. There's a completely to scale version of the Enterprise D from Star Trek, a scale version of the Millennium Falcon, a scale version of the entirety of the Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, a scale version of the city of Minas Tirith from Lord of the Rings, plus a million other things that people have built. Most of the larger stuff was built by hacking the inventory so you had basically unlimited resources, or using the "creative" client instead of the normal "survival" client (the survival client as some pretty stiff restrictions on map height, so taller objects are best done in creative), but there's not much stopping you from digging out a huge crater and putting a scale model of whatever into it. Here's some examples of crazy shit people have built. Ancient Golem with temple
  7. Blizzard Rumors

    Also keep in mind that the image that was leaked was from a while ago. Titan is confirmed to be an MMOFPS of some kind, and also a new IP.
  8. Minecraft

    No, I did that wall myself. It's not single player, though. So no fall damage and no monsters to worry about. I built it on one of the Penny Arcade servers, the one with a model of both Rapture and Columbia from the Bioshock universe. Rapture just finished getting completely rebuilt, and that's where I got most of my cobblestone from. Doing a huge ass underwater strip mining operation to level a 600x600 square for a whole city to sit on was a sight to see. I think it was something like 13 million blocks were removed from the seabed. I've got about 100k of that in boxes around my fort. Edit - And yes, that's the Alpha version. Multiplayer though, so limited functionality compared to single player.
  9. Minecraft

    Here's my current waste of free time. I'm standing on a sixth tower. There's dirt put down for the plans of another 4 to finish it off. Thus far, it's used approximately 25k cobblestone blocks, and is about 120x100 in size. Each tower has 3 floors that are 3 blocks tall, plus the roof. The walls have two interior floors that are two blocks tall and the upper level that's open to the sky. I'll either get bored and abandon the project, or finish the walls and start making other buildings inside. Who knows.
  10. Minecraft

    You can copy and paste parts of maps into a new map. The server admins for the Rapture/Columbia map did it a few times to get the right starting area he wanted for the different islands and landscapes. And to move the major map features around to give everyone more room to build. It just takes awhile.
  11. Minecraft

    A cool video of one of the major sections of a penny arcade server for minecraft. They've done all of that with the base client for multiplayer, no Creative mode clients or anything like that. Everything is dug up and farmed for, there's reed farms to craft books from, cactus farms to gather that stuff from, etc. Granted, this isn't the work of one or two people, more like the effort of about 40 different people over a couple months. But it's still amazing. Also, with the release of the latest Bioshock Infinite trailer, they've decided to expand upwards and built Columbia. The server admin cleared out a spot for it from the map (probably a months worth of work just doing that otherwise) but from that point on, it's built the same as anything else: stack a block, jump, stack a block, jump, go farm for more blocks, repeat until done. So yea. Just another example of the cool shit people are doing.
  12. Minecraft

    Build stuff. Like Rapture from Bioshock. Or Columbia from Bioshock Infinite. Or a giant skydong. Or a complete recreation of A Link To The Past's world.
  13. Minecraft

    schatz does play this.
  14. Firefall

    So, has anyone heard about this game yet? It looks like it could be pretty fun. I've seen it described as a mix of Tribes, Borderlands, Halo, and Starship Troopers. I guess the closed beta is taking sign ups right now. Cinematic Trailer Gameplay from PAX 2010
  15. SG port

    I don't know about this. I've seen a few custom maps pop up with a notification of "#name has made it to X level!", so there's something somewhere that can be saved.