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  1. WoW:Classic

    Can Warmaker tank for us??
  2. A trip down memory lane

    Just me or do those pictures not show up on the first page? I'm seeing images saying that third party hosting isn't allowed. I'd really like to see the pictures! Especially the one about me, obviously. Shattered Galaxy was the first online game I really got into. I think I was in 8th grade when I got into the beta. And I played it for a good chunk into my college years as well. Talk about a long-lived community. So many great memories and it's weird how I never even met most of the people I would have considered friends for almost ten years. And then after SG, I got addicted to WoW and destroyed my social life and physical health.. You fuckers, how could you let me do that to myself?
  3. Touchy TSA

    Just reminding everyone that Nate was right about the scanners. No one ever recorded naked images off them, no one ever laughed hysterically at your small junk, the TSA was confident enough in the scanners' radiation doses to allow them to be tested in the wild, and certainly the scanners could detect guns, right? Wrong. http://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2014/01/tsa-screener-confession-102912.html?ml=m_t1_2h#.UuvKphBdVZg
  4. Try not to flip all your shits at once

    This sensation... in my pants... I don't recognize this feeling.
  5. Earlburt

    Earl is going to be visiting Austin in June. I am scared...
  6. Our tax system in a nutshell

    You're never going to be rich being a dick like that.
  7. Our tax system in a nutshell

    I don't really miss Nate to be honest... but I do miss Fahr. I may have disagreed with both of them, but at least I respected Fahr intellectually. At least we still have Cat! If I actually wanted to contribute to the thread though... wouldn't the fairest tax system tax the marginal utility of a dollar as opposed to the dollar itself? Convert every dollar into some sort of unit of happiness, and tax happiness at 20% instead. But if we taxed marginal utility of money, that might be too difficult to codify. For instance, 100,000 dollars to someone in NYC feeding a family of eight does not go as far as someone with 100,000 dollars living by themselves in South Dakota. Of course, that's what our current progressive tax system tries to do, but it's too easy to game with all the deductions and special categories of income. So really we just need to give every one of those "How do you feel about these various aspects of your life?" surveys and redistribute money until everyone answers "Neither unhappy nor happy about this particular aspect of my life" to all of the questions. /Ramblings of a mad-man (everything was serious except for the last sentence)
  8. Our tax system in a nutshell

    Speaking of Nate, haven't seen him in a long time - wonder where he went off to.

    That picture looks like it came from the 2003 blackout, not the current one. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Northeast_blackout_of_2003
  10. Official Movie Discussion Thread

    Saw Looper a couple weeks ago. I kept wanting to find something to hate while watching it, but couldn't. Good movie. Wreck it Ralph was also pretty good. I'm sure everyone here will love it due to all the video game references.
  11. 2012 Election

    I honestly hate all of this. All the news shows try to paint it like a football game mixed with American Idol; they love their damn narratives. It's all about who delivered the most zingers, who was too aggressive, who wasn't aggressive enough, who loves the middle class more, who smiles too much, who "won", who "lost" (whatever that actually means), who had the bigger fucking flag lapel pin. What about whose policies make the most sense, whose numbers actually add up, and whose track record actually shows that they follow through on what they say?
  12. IAmA Barack Obama

    When does he start answering questions? Seeing a lot of questions but no answers :-/ Also, I foresee this ending up a lot like our online petition system. "Thank you for your concerns about legalizing marijuana. At this point in time, we decline to comment."
  13. Anyone remember Brock from WoW?

    I honestly wish I remembered more about Brock. He was definitely a human paladin that played a bunch of pvp at the same time I was grinding to Grand Marshal. Either he was a chinese honor farmer or he didn't play nicely with the main group or something (by not staying under weekly limits that allowed the group to rank up as efficiently as possible)... but no one liked him and I don't remember interacting with him much. Apparently, he remembers me though, albeit not flatteringly. However, it's definitely true that I like shiny objects and had way too many pets.
  14. EHJ Fantasy Football League 2011

    I would like to get back in the league so put me on the waitlist
  15. And it's about me... http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/5978119109 I was trying to show a friend a picture of my old GM hunter and ran across this post. I am scarred for life now....