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  1. WoW:Classic

    I'll be playing on a PvP server. We were planning Herod, but I think the queues are going to be stupid long.
  2. History of IC/Einherjar?

    I tend to lurk here every once and awhile as well. Everyone got old basically.
  3. Albion Online

    My group has been playing this Alpha. You need to buy the game to have access at this point though.
  4. Archeage

    Mumble: vamp.typefrag.com port: 7195 Once you're in, I'll get you registered and give you admin so you can register anyone else if they want to hang out in there.
  5. Archeage

    Yea, the leveling process is very much like most other MMOs, but the end game feels different, I'm excited for it. We will be going as VAMP, the other two clans with us are Moist and OPP.
  6. Archeage

    We're launching on Kyrios as well, we have 2 other clans with us as well.
  7. Archeage

    Yea, all your guys from Albion were real cool, we'll have to make sure we are setting up on the same server. We have another clan we're going to be playing with as well, between our two groups, we should have a decent size crew.
  8. Archeage

    Some of you may have gotten the email, but I figured I'd post it up here as well. We are planning on getting a group together for Archeage. Open beta is this Thursday, headstart Sept 12, launch Sept 16th. Game is free to play for anyone cash strapped, headstart requires a founder's pack. Game has an interesting twist between sandbox and theme park style. There's a ton of pvp between pirate/ship combat, sieges on your clan's castle (max 100vs100) and open world pvp. Plus you can place houses throughout the world. The class system is pretty unique, with 120 to choose from. Videos: Siege: Ship combat:
  9. Heroes of the Storm

    That was cute
  10. Dead Island: Epidemic

    if DI:E goes down to $5 i'll buy it, if it was on there earlier I missed out.
  11. WildStar - Anyone Played?

    Reminded me of WoW with some ground targeting. No thanks.
  12. Gaming desktop

    Yea, after relooking, I would agree an Asus (preferred) or Gigabyte motherboard would be better
  13. Elder Scrolls Online

    The game is good, I've enjoyed playing it and see me continuing to play for another month or two at least. They messed some of the pvp up with their latest update, so we are hoping they fix it soon.
  14. Elder Scrolls Online

    You can get to VR1 (level 50) in about 36-42 hours of play time, faster if you push hard. VR1-VR10 is double that. You can join pvp at level 10, and be semi useful, especially as a healer. But VR1 is where things really start to become noticeable.
  15. Elder Scrolls Online

    Thats not very nice Pep. But yea it's a lot like DAoC. It's a mix between original frontiers and the new frontiers and has scrolls to fight over like the relics.