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  1. Ready to take back Earth

    Worst. Ending. EVER. Seriously, wtf?
  2. Witcher 2

    I wasn't really fond of the combat controls. I got used to them enough to use them, but they still felt awkward. I agree that the visuals and story were good though.
  3. Surprised there isn't a thread on this, but just thought I'd say: fantastic game in all aspects. I was a huge fan of the first so I was leery about this one (especially after the mediocre Invisible War), but this game is solidly awesome. Great visuals, great story and great concept.
  4. Atlantica

    PVP in this game is actually super fun, PROVIDED you're at a semi-equal level equipment-wise. I managed a 75% win rate playing Div 1 as a low level guy, but almost all of my losses came from the same 4-5 people who just had retardedly good gear. Timber, SarahPhoenix, Sarduarkar (although before they raised the lvl 120 cap, I was still about 30-40% against Sard despite way worse gear and levels...) That was part of the reason that I quit. I could play PERFECTLY and still lose even if they played shitty. The main reason tho was the sheer amount of time it required to grind up levels/mercs/EVERYTHING...only to lose to SarahPhoenix's fucking +10 everything gear as she auto-targets my main char with 3 bow mercs. Gotta say though, Timber pissed me off even more though, because he's just terrible. SarahPhoenix at least had a strategy (that worked, despite how OP it was). Timber was actually really awful at the game, but I still could never beat him with the gear difference.
  5. Atlantica

    I'm an axemain. I also have a pretty decked out lvl 50 sawmain. And as much money as you THINK you make, you don't make much. At all. In 1 jackpot, I used to average anywhere from 500M to 1.5B when I played actively. Problem is that without gear I can't solo the instances required to DO that...and my char needs at least 1-2 bill worth of equipment to be able to solo them (3-5 bill to get back to where I was...not including the cash on hand).
  6. Atlantica

    I actually re-downloaded it to find that my character was stripped of all phoenix gear and cash. I lost about 2 billion worth of items and nexon wouldn't do anything about it... Since I don't feel like re-grinding all that shit, I haven't logged in since. If you want a lvl 113 character with spartan, ele and pirate, let me know. Once you gear up the main char again (and a couple mercs that were also stripped), it's a damn good FL build. Spartan is high level and has good war cry. Ele and pirate are still leveling, but I think they have most of their skills.
  7. Atlantica

    I looked on the site and I'm apparently 113 (and had the 2 "super important" mercs at the time- but I'm sure there are more now). I had a pretty solid 75% win rate in FL (especially considering the majority of those losses were against the same guys whose top of the line +10 gear just vastly outdid mine. And I see they raised the level cap again. Tempted to re-download just to play some FL battles once in a while... What server are you on?
  8. Atlantica

    Like people have said, it becomes a HUGE grindfest. I FINALLY hit max level and they raised the fucking cap like a week later. That's when I quit. And to be any good in PVP you need certain mercs which are retardedly expensive and/or are only accessible through instance runs...and then you need to grind THOSE mercs too. I was actually very good at PVP (numbers can attest), but the top guys would roll me without blinking just because of gear. Wasn't even a hint of a chance. Also, double monk formation was the gayest thing ever and took the fun out of PVP.
  9. Video card

    Little late to jump in here...but I'm going to +1 Jay's comments. I'm running a 5770 in my comp as well and it's godlike compared to my last card. Runs very well even on some pretty graphics intensive games (read: Crysis on high with good framerates) One of the nicest things though, like Jay said- it's friggin silent (especially compared to my last card...). I also never have problems with it overheating. My last one could roast marshmallows just running average programs- I had to install extra case fans just to keep it cool. No such issues with the 5770
  10. Torrents & Tips

    Best site on the web for TV shows is tvtorrents.com Requires an invite, but it has fuckin EVERYTHING. From the mainstream to the ridiculously obscure. It's it's on TV, it's probably on this site. All torrents are checked and anything shit is removed almost immediately...and for every season/episode there are up to 3 torrents (sd, 720p, 1080p). Haven't found one yet that wasn't impeccable quality. The site keeps track of your "credits", which are gained by uploading. Once you have an invite (and with the invite is some bandwidth to play with), I'd recommend downloading some newly uploaded popular show to build up creds (even if you never watch it). After that, just download away and you won't have to really worry about it.
  11. 2v2 basics

    I know some of you already watch day9's vid's (and if you don't, he's awesome and you should), but I think this one was the best I've watched. In it he talks almost exclusively about early rushes in 2v2 - why they're effective, how to deal with it and why it's "ok" for one guy to die. I thought it was awesome because I've certainly been on both ends of the spectrum...the guy getting curbstomped by a double rush and the guy left behind with a pretty sizable lead but too passive to use that advantage while I still have it.
  12. Minecraft

    Saw that one too Mop. Crazy shit...I would NEVER have the patience to do something that intricate.
  13. Minecraft

    Then you haven't seen this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LWPk5zlKAEM&feature=related"
  14. Crocs and Escalators do not mix.

    There should be an IQ test that you're required to pass before you can breed.
  15. Hockey Pool

    Because in rotisserie you at least have a CHANCE if you lose half your team to injury for an extended period of time. And it's not reliant on games per week.