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  1. A trip down memory lane

    Thanks Blake. Your screenshots with the captions truly made me relive many of the fond SG moments. I logged in to play one of this weekends and was surprised how I still remember all the short-cut keys after so many years.
  2. Shattered Galaxy?

    If anyone's interested, there's a new SG PATCH!!!! WOW! PATCH!!! Supposed to fix CTD... -- Well, the above is the good news. The bad news is, there's still CTD.
  3. Shattered Galaxy

    Is it shattered yet?
  4. Shattered Galaxy

    It's actually still fun if you don't mind joining the noobs and others for battles. More CTDs than before though. Apparently some can make it CTD on purpose...
  5. Still haven't purchased Starcraft 2?

    PM me a free trial!
  6. Netbook?

    I've yet to know of a 10" netbook that has a decent sized keyboard that allows you to type fast for a decent amount of time. You can use this: Keyboard Dock, if you find the iPad virtual keyboard inadequate. Apple Apps have their limitations, but for what it's worth, on the iPad you can run numbers (simplified excel), keynote (simplified powerpoint), and open, export and edit PDFs. But sorry, no SPSS. -- It seems that what you want is just something cheap for you to pass your schooling days. May I suggest a refurbished Macbook Air? You can run windows on it. It's more expensive than what you are considering now, but to me, it's a difference between having a problematic hardware for 2 yrs, or running a good one for 5 years and still sell it for some money. My friend's Asus laptop's screen had issues after 1+ years, and the build quality isn't good. Buy something that you will be happy carrying around.
  7. Looking for a new mouse

    I still have my 7 yr old Razer Diamondback. Its scroll wheel was buggy a few months ago. I just opened it and removed all the dust and crap, and it's now working like new.
  8. Netbook?

    I would stay away from netbooks. I bought a 10" MSI Wind for my gf for her study tour. It's slow, boots up slow, difficult to do work on, poor sound and video, and heavy. For things it's suppose to do, it does badly. By the time you boot it up to skype or to record notes, minutes have passed. Now we have an iPad. It rocks and does well at what it's made for-browsing, note taking, reading and video. It's light and boots up quick.
  9. Tht works with all other brands. It's just a good router!
  10. Good to hear that the technology does work.
  11. My relative's powerline adaptor didn't work well at all. It worked at a crawling speed. The best bet, other than running CAT5, is to get a better wireless router (Best Wireless N you can find) and position it ideally for your connection upstairs. Get one with upgradable antennae so that if the new wireless N and positioning don't work, you can upgrade the antennae. 2007 article, but still valid: http://blogs.chron.com/techblog/archives/2007/08/got_wifi_range_problems_80211n_is_the_fix.html Another possible solution is to get repeaters and station it midway, say on the stairs.
  12. Shattered Galaxy

    Just logged in today to play several battles. It's still a fun game despite being stagnant for years. Pity the loss of so much of the population.