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  1. EHJ Steam User ID List

  2. Hover Free / Hover Zoom chrome extension

    It's gone from the web store again.
  3. Steam Summer Sale

    D, your Illinois is showing...
  4. Official Movie Discussion Thread

    Despicable Me 2: For all the kids I saw watching it, the adults in the audience were the target of much of the humor. Pacific Rim: Giant monsters vs. Mechs. Battletech, Macross, Gundam and other giant battlesuit stuff from the late 80's and 90s--this fills the bill. Some of the monsters reminded me of Barlowe's Darwin IV aliens. Another one looked like an upsized version of one of the MIB critters. I did shell out for the full IMAX 3D (mostly because the 2D and regular 3D had such limited showings.) Blah blah blah picked apart blah blah. I didn't care, I was able to suspend disbelief and enjoy it and didn't really feel jerked out of the disbelief state in the weaker moments. Listening to some of the others people as I was walking outside and their blown-away reactions was cool.
  5. Planetary Annihilation on Steam

    All I have seen is the stills and trailers on Steam. I would like to see more gameplay screen captures to see the UI. The ability to scroll out from tactical to strategic to the whole system looks awesome. I'll bet it's easy for loosing focus by too much micro when the scale can be expanded in that fashion. I wonder about just how far they went or are planning to go though. Space elements and bringing in space navy to just pound the surface as well as have fleet space battles on the TA/SC scales would be really cool.
  6. Caught an ad for Planetary Annihilation on Steam and got a bit curious. It seems to be the latest in Total Annihilation projects, but this one no longer uses just a battlefield map, but scrolling out takes you off the planet and looking around the solar system for other places to create mayhem. It's in Alpha and they want $89.99 for it which is too rich for my pocketbook right now. The trailers are cool and from my ear, I think they even got the original narrator for TA to narrate this as well. The planet-killer does look like they mean the high ground really is worth holding.
  7. Hover Free / Hover Zoom chrome extension

    Thanks Gaz. I didn't know about the other before, but this is good.
  8. Tripping the Circuit

    What time of day do you have the problem? Day or night? Plasma, LED, or LCD for your HDTV? I was wondering about other items outside your your room that may be drawing on the circuit as well, like a security light. Assuming you are the on resetting the circuit breaker yourself, could you replace the breaker itself? That may be going bad and tripping at a lower amp draw.
  9. Favorite City-Building Games?

    Entire Civ catalog on sale 50% off today on Steam from what I can see.
  10. AMD A series APU

    I am looking to replace the Emachines desktop my parents have had and used for years. I've looked at the AMD A10-5800K APU from NewEgg and think that may be the way to build a new system that will last them another 5-8 years. They aren't serious gamers, but this should get around them being novice users and filling their system tray up with active programs. I was going to put in 8gb or 16gb of ram because it's cheap and go with a clean Win7 64bit build. Any other suggestions?
  11. 2012 Election

    What-If XKCD had the math on what would happen if the election were tied. It's a math heavy what if hypothetical, but what actually happens still holds the possibility to be far stranger.
  12. XCOM: Enemy Unknown

    I'm not sure I have my copy of the original backed up anywhere I can re-install it from. I may have to go install Total Annihilation instead, since those disks tumbled out while digging through storage.
  13. I got engaged

    Awesome way to propose. Congrats!
  14. Newegg SSD sale

    Lots of firmware gripes really recently. Looks good on paper if you can stand to tinker with it.
  15. Steve Jobs

    The best Steve Jobs tribute I can think of: topless or nude of some college chick in a mirror using an iPhone for her camera. I am not an Apple fanboy, but his creations are being used to make more porn, which is fine by me.