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  1. Weekend SG

    Yeah that worked. Thanks keck.
  2. Weekend SG

    Well it won't let me leave my regiment for some reason. Also what faction is everyone on? Pac seems to be pretty deserted whenever I login.
  3. Weekend SG

    Seems they added free payer status for a limited time. So if you stopped playing after you reincarnated, now would probably be one of the best times to level your stuff.
  4. Weekend SG

    Surprisingly I managed to remember my login and password but I logged on at the wrong time and missed all the good fights.
  5. History of IC/Einherjar?

    Congrats D! And heya SB!
  6. A trip down memory lane

    Remember when SG used to have an Overlord system? Yeah, me either.
  7. Happy Birthday Cres!

    Happy Birthday you sexy beast!
  8. SG remake now available in English...and i'm playing!!

    I might have to give this a try.
  9. Final Fantasy XIV

    Well thankfully Diablo is coming out tomorrow so I have something to do instead of wasting 3 hours trying to get on and then just getting dced. They should have the servers running better by the time I get bored of Diablo.
  10. Final Fantasy XIV

    The hardest boss I fought so far is the login server. Its really hard to beat.
  11. Final Fantasy XIV

    I see what you did there.
  12. Final Fantasy XIV

    Well fuck it I give up for now. Just going to watch 21 Jump Street.
  13. Final Fantasy XIV

    Shit if I can ever get back on I am just going to fucking plug my controller in to charge and stay logged on when I am done playing.
  14. What Games Are You Playing?

    FFXIV, that's about it.
  15. Final Fantasy XIV

    Now all I am getting is the current world is full. Please wait until an opening is available and try again.