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  1. WoW:Classic

    I know of a few people who will be trying vanilla when/if it's released. I'll definitely post something up here when the time comes
  2. History of IC/Einherjar?

    Probably 1% have looked at these forums in 3+ years lol
  3. Archeage

    The trick is to stay at the character select screen. You'll never be logged out and never see a queue
  4. Archeage

    I'd like to join you guys' club. Game seems pretty good for now. I've heard good things about the endgame.
  5. Elder Scrolls Online

    If anyone wants to get in on the beta this weekend I have another beta key. It's friends weekend or some such. Let me know. The beta starts Friday at noon est
  6. Elder Scrolls Online

    I got bored with the game during the last couple betas. Graphically it's decent, voice acting seems good. Combat is boring imo. Upgrading your abilities is kind of nice, but I don't like to be limited on the amount of abilities I have on the bar at a time. Maybe there is a way to add more later in the game, but having to switch between aoe, healing and single target is annoying.
  7. Pokemon X & Y

    The zelda DSXL is not included in their black friday deal.
  8. Playstation 3 and hotel networks

    Yep, it'll redirect you just like it would on your PC. I bring mine to each hotel I go to and I never have a problem.
  9. Final Fantasy XIV

    same here, bah humbug
  10. Final Fantasy XIV

    same thing for me. Working on main questline. Main servers still seem up, instance servers still broked
  11. Final Fantasy XIV

    After I started reading through the all the Jobs and all the customizations of classes I'm even more pumped for this to be released in full.
  12. Final Fantasy XIV

    I tried searching for you character name, but can't find you...send a message to Cillaniel Acale
  13. Final Fantasy XIV

    Envy, have you been kicked off a few times in the last 30 minutes or so? i'll get dropped, but can immediately log back in. My Iheart shuts off too, so it could be me.
  14. Final Fantasy XIV

    215 in queue to log into adamantoise
  15. Ghost Recon Online

    I shot people in the face yesterday. Wasn't too bad of a time. I like that the pace is faster than CoD games, reminds me a little more of old Unreal tourny. Smaller maps not running around for 10 minutes