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  1. Shrooms

    Done quite a bit of acid, but shrooms only once. It must have been a crappy batch or something because the buzz was very low key. No visuals, just a lot of mind wandering. So I just stuck with the LSD Would love to do it again sometime.
  2. windows xp

    stupid pron
  3. Why are 20-something's people...

    Long story short, I was a pain in the ass teen and my Mom had already had enough BS from my older brother. I chose not to go by the rules, so I was made to make my own. She made a man of me that night and I love her for it. This
  4. Congo

  5. Final Fantasy XIV

    VIII was the last one I played.
  6. Ground Zero Mosque

    Yawn....it has been going on for centuries, and will likely continue.
  7. Why are 20-something's people...

    I "left" my Mom's at 17. Been on my own ever since.
  8. Drink. Drive. Go to Jail.

    My brother drove his car into a house once while getting a bj....jus sayin'
  9. buying a car

    I bought a '92 Taurus in 2000 for 4k, 94k miles on it (one owner, garage kept). Have only had to replace a couple starters, a heater core, and the radiator on it since (not to mention regular maintenance like plugs/wires, oil/filters etc.). It's approaching 200k miles now and I still use it to shuttle back and forth to work. Has been a good car.
  10. procreating = unhappiness!!!

    Being a parent is cool for the most part. Then they start damaging personal property....
  11. Discrimination Ban

    Someone say something about cheese???
  12. I-Dosing

    This happens when we sleep, it's called dreaming.
  13. Yes.....Humans happen to be animals....
  14. Chicken or Egg

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u58TKioxsVs There ya go. The first fried egg.