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Found 2 results

  1. PoC Website

    Separate topic on PoC Website. We need one. History We reached out to a friend of mine. He can do it, but he needs direction...and quite possibly a reason to spend his time on this. He has the experience to do this. We would need hosting. I'm not sure building a website from scratch is the best move at this time. Are there other hosting and website solutions out there that wouldn't require a highly competent webmaster to run? Future What are we looking for? Are we expecting 100 visitors a day or 20,000 visitors a day? Are we going to host videos, replays, downloads, and forums?
  2. The Point of Contention Thread

    Alright folks, this is the official Point of Contention thread. Point of Contention is a Starcraft II Mod that attemps to recreate a battle of Shattered Galaxy through the Starcraft II engine. Check here for upcoming playing sessions, updates, upcoming features, progress reports, and more. Upcoming Playing Sessions Satuday Feb. 22nd - 10:00AM EST, 11:00PM SGT Teamspeak Info : ts22.gameservers.com:9229, Shattered Galaxy channel at the very bottom Feel free to drop your feedback, bug reports, suggestions or iquiries below. More importantly, join us for some bare-legged entertainement next Sunday! PS : You do not need the HotS expansion to play, only Wings of Liberty is required.