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Found 1 result

  1. Clan Discussion

    It took me a while to get there, but I've been playing at around 2.1k WN7 these past couple of days which is what I wanted to be able to consistently pull off before jumping into Tier Xs. My plan now is to get my hands on a couple of other Xs and then practice Xs as much as possible. Clan Wars look fun, and I've considered joining a more serious clan for a while, but for various reasons decided not to. I don't want to have too much time committed to WoT with college having started and PoC needing to be worked on, I want to be better before applying anywhere (there's still a huge difference between a 2100 60d player and a 2100 overall player), and Vanaheimr is pretty badass. If anything, I was considering trying to learn how to call organized battles so I could run TCs which would probably be a good recruitment method (especially if we win) and maybe we could turn Vanaheimr into something cool. Speaking of Vanaheimr, I don't think hard performance benchmarks are required, but I think we should try to be selective of who we recruit. I'm saying this fully aware of the current context - Cody being away for the summer, EHJ players appearing/disappearing sporadically and the clan being pretty much status quo for the past few months. I'm not closing the door to sub-49% players, but I feel like filling the clan with wulus won't achieve anything constructive. If a 46% player none of us know wants to join through the regular application process, we should make sure he's : Willing to learn and improve Capable of learning and improving Not a negative presence in the group Has Mic (not just Ears) and uses it Is active Is legal in Quebec (18+) Surprisingly enough, we still have a couple of active folks still in the clan, so they definitely should stay because they had all the reasons in the world to leave, regardless of whether or not they fill the recommendations above. That said, going with the assumption that clan activity will pick up a bit when Cody comes back, we should consider rejecting people's applications even if they're not obvious faux-pas (like the guy who joined another clan after applying here). I understand this might hurt some people's feelings, but I don't see the point of being in a clan if it's filled with people you don't actually want to play with. I know I said I sucked at recruiting people (which may still be true), but I can be the guy that says no if that's what it takes. I think a clan should be something that grows slowly, and that we shouldn't just bring people in for the sake of bringing people in. Hard performance requirements I feel are quite arbitrary and leave out players who could actually become good players with proper guidance. These players are usually found among people who fit all the criteria mentioned above, so we should stick to that. And if somehow an actual good player wants to join, we could be a bit more lax and simply ensure he's simply a cool guy/gal before bringing him in. Double standards are best standards. I'm not closing the door to joining another clan to experience CWs, but since that won't likely happen in the next few months due to the reasons I mentioned earlier (college & PoC), might as well do what we can with VAN. If by the time I get enough free time to get into CWs we have a decent population and a solid core, then I don't see why I'd go anywhere else. Beating an established team with home-grown talent pretty much sounds like one of the most awesome things that could happen in this game, so I definitely want to work towards that if possible. I know Para left for one of Volt's subclans to experience CWs, I'm curious to see what he thinks about it (btw Para you're always welcome back if for some reason you should leave SHCKD, we're obviously not doing CW but the door is open). Also I've been meaning to ask the powers that be... Could I get admin on the VAN TS server and this EHJ-WoT subforum? It's happened a couple of times that we had a bunch of randoms hogging a channel on the TS server, dunno if they were even playing WoT or not, but they were clearly not from any EHJ division (or maybe Dofus just relaxed their standards over the years). I'd like to know we're not powerless if Cody isn't around. As for the subforum, well, there's probably a couple of threads that could use some moving around. That said, do you guys have any input at all? I know most EHJs who played WoT are usually busy doing FFXIV or other stuff, so it's usually just Cres and I platooning and upholding the VAN's reputation of excellent one-liners, but if you guys ever think there's a slight chance you pick up WoT again then feel free to chime in.