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SCII is a ton of fun and involves lots of strategy.


If you have tips, good replays, or thoughts to discuss, share it here.


I play Zerg 1v1 and Random in team games.


I like to macro.



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Day[9] Daily #292 - 2v2 Week: The Basics



I watched this earlier today (NV pointed it out) and felt it was very helpful. I'll edit my post later to remind myself to try some of the combos he recommended (and maybe get some feedback) ;) I find myself more interested in improving my game than before so +1 for scuba.


The main thing I got out of it was whatever combo you do, it should compliment each others build. Sounds super basic, but whenever I play... I find myself not thinking about the units my teammate and I are building at all (particularly due to not having a full grasp on all units). Also, another basic strategy: fight together and take out one enemy out (split the enemy up for unit advantage). Scouting is pretty obvious as well, so you can cross off/figure out what the enemy team is doing.


Taken directly from the vid:


Basic Combos













Annoying things


10 pool wg into main w/ overlord

6-10 pool into DT

6-10 pool cannon rush



10 pool + marauder + overlord

10 pool + reaper

10pool + 4rax center of map



10 speed + 10 pool baneling bust



reaper & warp in plays


Mid-Game Combos



Blink Stalker/Roach

Mass Muta/2 Robo Colossus




Mass Muta/Mech




Mech/Air (tank + VR/Phoenix)

Money dump/blink

Strongest deathball (tank/col/gateway units/marines/marauders or tanks/blue hellion/thors)



Air/Zeal Colossus


Another vid he posted about 2v2's earlier on (Ulrith actually posted it elsewhere) -


Main thing: Join forces together, along with early pressure. Split enemy units up. No such things as cheese. :D Other strategy: tech up, split up, die as slowly as possible (let ally win the 2v1). It's really hard to do both strategies at once (1 guy rushing, 1 guy pressuring).


Counter-attacking very important, as well. Especially when they're heavily committed to an early game attack.


Arid Wastes = large distance between allies (very hard to join together)

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I've been playing most of my games with early pressure, early upgrades (double attack `' and roach speed 90% of the time I use them), and I've been trying to be more careful about when I engage and how I send my stuff in


It's nice playing with numbers, he's constantly yelling at my to expand and I could use the reminder once in awhile :lol:

And Scuba, you so sexy. I'm starting to get pretty confident in my play, we should start playing those diamond games!

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Scuba's right about this still being fun to play. I'm not very competitive in the game anymore, but I prefer the teamplay over 1v1. It is just more fun to me playing with someone else as opposed to against someone else. That way, I know someone has got my back if my game is a little off that day.

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