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Am I the only one?

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Here's YouTube channels that you can find pro level games at, I find the commentary to be pretty good as well (so you can learn while being entertained).





North American Star League



Husky Starcraft (most popular single commentator)



Team Liquid (Home of Team Liquid clan and also a major social hub for SC2 people)



Evil Genuises (Home of EG clan, and sometimes they have tournaments the pro players commentate)



There's also Day9 of course, but his show also involves him chatting about random stuff so I seldom watch his content. But I do like when he commentates tournaments.

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Remember that if you're playing macro games your true skill level is going to be wayyy ahead of someone who cheesed all of their placement games and got put in gold. At least for me, once I got proficient at attacking with the filterSC army (and defending cheese) I literally ripped off 20 wins in a row, and I started Terran with my ~300 games played Zerg MMR. Just remember to bunker up and pull SCVs to repair if you see bullshit coming.

Anyway I've been living in my car for a few days while I move across the country but I'll be back in action soon :P

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