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Tender Peaches

World of Warplanes

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It's fucking bad. Probably one of the worst games I've ever played.


I downloaded it to get the 5k Gold from the E3 event. Regardless of how it would turn out, at least I'd get 2 months of free premium for my troubles. And hey, if the game turns out to be fun, I might even enjoy the whole process.


... Boy, needless to say the 5k Gold is the only thing that keeps me from uninstalling this utter piece of garbage. I'll go with the good parts first, because it's both shorter and traditional.


Pros :


> Gorgeous maps. Nothing compared to WoT. Some of them (National Park) just make me want to fly around solo just to appreciate the scenery. Extremely polished, and even on very low graphics they look terrific (although this has its downsides - more on that later). Planes and stuff look really nice aswell - not only do you see your pilot, but his face in game matches the portrait you see in the garage.


> Interesting Supremacy concept. Here's the deal - there are two ways to win, either you destroy all enemy airplanes, or achieve supremacy. Basically, Supremacy works very similarly to a Victory map in SG. Every ground (littered across the map, like AA guns or Radars) or aerial (enemy planes) target you destroy gives your team a point. When you have more points than the other team, your Supremacy goes up (it's a %, just like a capture point in WoT). If the other team manages to kill a target, you lose supremacy points (usually goes back down to 0, but that depends on how important the target was). So basically, this gives bombers a purpose - by destroying ground targets, you're putting pressure onto the enemy team to destroy stuff, or else they'll lose when your Supremacy reaches 100%. I feel like there are a couple of tweaks needed, because atm most Supremacy wins happen when one team has like, one airplane left flying around really high trying to delay or whatever... But it's still a pretty cool feature.


> Loading times are shorter.


> When you bomb something, the bomb blast can actually take out other airplanes. As a victim of this a few times, I must say that's a pretty rad feature.


Okay. I don't have anything else. Time for the cons.


Cons :


> Friendly ramming. Airplanes aren't tanks. Ramming one will result in both planes going down in flames 90% of the time. The other 10%, only one will go down, usually the lightest. So 95% of the time, whoever was the victim of the ram will die and will have to pay the bill of the other guy. It's insulting, infuriating and downright alt-f4ing. Planes start next to each others. Every 2-3 battle, you see a double TK on a team 2 seconds into the game because some idiot just decided to bank left hard as the game started, and rammed his unsuspecting, straightforward-moving teamate. Friendly rams also often happen when shooting at a target. Someone decides they want a piece of the cake too, so they try to get in the best position to get a shot (behind the enemy plane). If you happen to be there, well sorry, you're dead and you have the guy's bill to pay.


> Horrible, horrible FPS drops whenever something happens. As I said earlier, the maps are gorgeous. The Sun reflects on the water. Tall pillars of smoke tower over destroyed targets. Damaged planes spew fire from their engines. And all of this, at very low graphical settings. Considering how naturally harder it is to aim at something when you're driving a plane, factor in the horrible FPS and you get pretty much the most inefficient targeting system ever designed. I spend around 75% of the time being right behind someone trying to aim at the actual guy, and generally failing because it's fucking airplanes and they move a lot faster than 6 frames per second. Plenty of people have this problem too, and plenty of people don't... Which is also problematic. I can tell when I'm being chased that someone is having FPS issues - his shots go wide for about 5-6 seconds until his reticle is finally on my plane. On the other hand, I can also tell when someone is playing on a good computer. None of his shots go wide, and he starts shooting as soon as he's behind me. This often results in a quick, swear-words-riddled death. Oh and also, for some reason they decided that shell tracers needed to resemble chinese new years' fireworks in order for people to enjoy the game.


> Unpredictable weapon behavior. Machine guns attached to wings of airplanes aren't supposed to behave like snipers, I get it. But sometimes, you spend your entire clip shooting at the reticle, and -nothing- happens. Sync/FPS related issue? Maybe, but either way it's fucking annoying.


> Rear gunners are auto-target, and they have great accuracy. So, as a bomber or as a heavy figher, all you have to do is kind of swirl around while the guy behind you is fighting over his framerate to try and hit you, while your rear gunner takes care of business. It usually deals about as much damage as the chasing fighter does, but bombers/heavy fighters always have a lot more HP than fighters... So the fighter either has to break out or die. It's a good concept, but it's very poorly implemented.


> Weapons have unlimited ammo, which is compensated by an awkward heat system. If you shoot too much, it'll heat, and when it's at 100% it stops shooting and cools down, which results in you shooting at about half-rate (cools down to 99%, heats back up to 100%, again and again, etc). I don't know why they decided to go with that. It's counter-intuitive, and works pretty sloppily. Airplanes had ammo, the more you load the heavier your airplane becomes, and voila, it's entire balanced. I'm puzzled.


> Interface is shitty. They basically copied the WoT interface. It's great for tanks... not so much for airplanes.


> Controls are shitty. This was always a problem with airplanes simulators, and they didn't fix it by making it simpler. Basically, you can play the entire game with your right hand on your mouse and your left hand resting comfortably on your crotch. This results in a very simple control scheme, but also very unpredictable and weak. Banking, yawing and pitching are all combined into one movement of the mouse. Doing a barrel roll is stupidly complicated. When your plane is upside down, there's a weird mechanism that levels it back up to normal whenever you stop moving the mouse. It rarely does what you want it to do, and often results in you crashing to the ground. Yay for simplicity.


I probably forgot a few cons, but the main ones are here. 135 games in, and I really can't wait for the 200 to be over so I can uninstall this fucking junk. The game has potential, and it's still a beta, but since most of the cons are directly tied to key concepts of the game (simplicity > realism, TKing, etc), my expectations aren't very high. Hopefully World of Warships will turn out better.


Anyone else tried it out?

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I think you have to play 200 battles before 6/14, or the end of E3. 


Also, you can't suicide purposefully or otherwise try to game the system. This was a pandemic issue, apparently...and so WG is just DQing games where you do nothing to contribute. They want people to play in part so that E3 gamers are impressed....so I guess their stance is sensible.

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Yeah, the thing is 200 games in 5 days, ending this friday. Overall, about 20 hours of planes. If you don't think you can spend that amount in the next 48 hours, don't even bother.


And ya as Para said, they clearly stated they won't give the gold to people who "lawn dart" or TK... It's just not clear though how they're going to DQ people. Either they just DQ every game that doesn't fit their criterias (that would be a bit stupid), or they DQ players whose games show a pattern of not trying. I think the latter would both make more sense and be easier to spot.

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