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5.1 Sound System

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Does anyone have any basic knowledge of surround sound systems?


I'm looking at buying a cheap-ish sound system to hook up my PS3. Back in the day, the systems came put together,but now, unless you want to buy a dvd/blu-ray player, it would seem like you need to buy the receiver and the speakers separately.




So I am looking at a 300$-500$ price range.

I could be convinced by the "sound bars" that seem to be getting popular, but I have no clue of how different it would sound. All that I do know, is that I'm not a big fan of wires and I unfortunately cannot really hide them in my current place. This does mean that yes, I can also be convinced into buying a 2.1 system.


Any guidance would be appreciated.

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The sound bar setups I've heard aren't bad. They sound like a 3.1 system if you're in the right spot, but I've also heard (I suspect misconfigured) sound bars that are kind of off. I'd look at getting a speaker bar with 3 distinct channels, a subwoofer, and a low-end receiver. I've got a Denon AVR-1613 that I'm happy with.


I also feel like more then any other electronics, audio stuff tends to be something you want to buy on sale.

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