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Clan App for Thuggy

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1) Age

- 31


2) Why do you want to join Vanaheimr in particular?

- Numbers makes me happy in the undies (i don't wear pants but if i did i'd probably be happy there too)

- EHJ is awesome (unless its SG in which case LOW FOR LIFE)


3) How long have you been playing WoT and how many days per week do you play?

- I played casually since the open beta, i've been bouncing around the various racial trees

- I try to play about 8-12 hours a week



4) Have you been in any clans previously? If so why did you leave?

- No



5) Do you own a microphone and are willing to use TS3 frequently?

- Yes, also i run my own Mumble server that me and my friends use when tooning



6) Are there any other games(PC/Consoles) that you play?

- I play some minecraft on the pc just to check out cool mods



7) Tell us a bit about yourself.

- My first experience with EHJ is when blackSOA hacked my SG account and moved me from geode to MP and put me in LoW then like a week later he defected to EHJ. Played WoW with EHJ peeps, VD jayrock numbers... good times. Played Eve with EHJ lots of lols were had while not wearing pants.


I'm 31, married for 5 years, had a daughter 2 months ago, I play games pretty chill and like to just hang. Also numbers keeps harassing me on steam.


Also I work with a couple no pants style guys who might also be VAN material

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