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Reign of Kings private server

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I have access to a private passworded Reign of Kings server if anyone is interested in playing this game.  20 bucks on steam, still in alpha, but a very guild/team focus medieval survival castle builder.  Siege mechanics and such already in game.






Join the steam group above, and read the rules of the server.  Please contact me on steam before joining the server so I can get you added to the group.  Here is the server information.


If you are playing Reign of Kings and would like to play on a more private server, please consider our new COHH Fan Run server "Isle of Carnage", here are the rules:

Rules of Play
1. Must use seige equipment or weapons to raid a base.

2. No air blocking and jumping down in. Air blocking or cheesing is building blocks just outside the property line, or using blocks to get around defenses. All defenses can be broken. We have tested and there is not a wall or gate that cannot be taken down over time.

3. No looting chests from outside the wall.

4. Do not give out the PW. Breaking this rule will result in a ban.

The server will only be wiped if a the game makers do it or the server population wants it.

Note - If a airbase is built without stairs or way to enter, may lead to wide scale destruction of the base. The only way to enter such a base is to use the Treb, till the crest is found and then destroyed. The the raider then may build to reach any area of the base. Adding entrance may keep base from being demolished and only raided for loot. No guarantees but may save a complete loss.

If you are interested please contact DJBullitz on Steam or myself drackooner on Steam ashe has given the okay for us to give out password, and join our steam group. We have ALOT loss griefing and more fair play on this server.


UPDATE - Server is open to anyone for a bit. PW is Start2015

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