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Escape From Silver Keep

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It's the Rod of energy drain that crashes the current 1.0.6 of the game.

The biggest bummer, though, so far is that the connector levels don't have return doors on them.

2 of the 3 gate house maps don't have a door leading back to garden level 4.

2 of the 3 guard house maps don't have a door going north into the courtyard (but a second up arrow that dumps you onto tower level 5).


Ranged attacks still buggy too. Often times if there's a 1 layer wall or vegetation separating you and a monster, you can shoot "through" the wall and hit the monster.

Sometimes this will crash the game.


Hall of Valor is a buggy level, only because there are mobs there that use the energy drain spell on you. You get a "energy drain attack from an unknown location" spew on your message screen, and the game crashes. So I don't go down there without teleport, and I just bounce around until I'm heads up with Acheron, then I bounce right back out.

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