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EHJ Steam User ID List

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Here you can get access to our steam group info and everyone's Steam ID info since we lost it all with the format. We must rebuild :D


Official EHJ Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/Einherjar


Information will be posted in the following format:

  • Forum Name
    Steam Community Page Thumbnail/Link
    Please post your SteamID so I can link your community profile. This way people can see what you are playing or open your profile page to add you as a friend if you so choose. To find your SteamID, open your Steam community profile page and look at the URL, it will be at the end and will be your account name or a long series of numbers.
    (mine for example: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Spud387)

Steam ID List

  • Spud387
  • Catwalker (WhiteSquare)
  • Cragshocker
  • Daves
  • Deity
  • Envy
  • Innex
  • Inoki
  • ironslasher
  • Keck
  • Keltar
  • Kistala
  • Merceta
  • numbers
  • Pasty (MZ)
  • Pep
  • Sasmashjr
  • Shiv
  • Slubbz
  • Stupid
  • Thuggy
  • Vector
  • Wingnut
  • Wolfbite


I'll start it off and try to keep this main post updated as often as I can.

**Updated as of July 2nd 2011.**

Edited by Spud387

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I have changed the format that information is displayed. Please post just your SteamID (this is your Steam Account name) and I'll add your profile thumbnail.


**Placeholder post for when image limit is reached**

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When I was adding some more, I just realized I will hit the max image count per post. Hmm... what is the best way for us to get around that?


I was thinking an admin deletes everyone else's posts so I can add a couple placeholder posts after my first one.




Otherwise the list will be spread out or we will have to go back to a text based format. I liked the thumbnail format b/c you can see what everyone is doing.

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We were able to get the image limit raised for this thread and I got a couple posts deleted so we have an extra placeholder if we so need it.


So keep those Steam IDs coming guys :)

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Daves & Pep I have added both of you. Daves, your sig look a little different because the generator site is down and to manually make yours I need your Steam profile ID #.

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C_Menz for me. Not really on that much since I haven't finished my new computer and all I can play on my Mac is Civ.

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